Top 5 Career Promising Undergrad Courses After 12th

Career Promising undergrad courses After 12th

Top 5 Career Promising Undergrad Courses After 12th

After completing 12th, most of you are in a very confusing state of mind. The confusion and complications regarding what career to choose will help you grow professionally and boost your development. Indian students have so many options out there to choose from. But decision-making can be complicated if you’re looking for an education abroad. So, keeping in mind today’s student requirements, here we are with the top 5 promising careers that you can choose as the undergrad courses after the 12th. Whether you want to complete your further education in the UK, UAE, UAE, Canada, or Australia, this blog is for you.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Abroad is a perfect course to enroll after the 12th for those who studied commerce in their 12th. This degree gives students a detailed understanding of various crucial business management principles. This also helps students prepare to hold eminent job portfolios in some of the best MNC companies. 

Engineering in an Abroad University

Studying engineering abroad is like a multi-faceted puzzle for students. They can see the world of fresh air rooted in science and driven by creativity. Engineering is renowned globally not only for its comprehensive curriculum but also for offering innovative research contributions. When enrolling for engineering undergrad courses, students get opportunities for several specialisations unique to particular countries and universities. There are several options: computer science, Civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering. 

Fashion Studies in the UK or Australia

If you have creative skills and can see things differently, you should go for fashion. By adapting the skills of cutting, grading, and garment construction, you can keep up with the fashion trends. Fashion designing is also one of the most promising careers after 12th. Some of the top fashion institutes in Australia and the UK will help you develop your career in this industry. Whether you want diploma courses, undergrad courses, or postgraduate courses, make sure to discuss them with the best study abroad consultants who can assist you in decision-making. 

Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication

Media has always been seen as the pillar of democracy in every country. Journalism and mass communication play a significant role in the smooth running of our country as they spread knowledge and awareness. Also, it is one of the sectors that keeps growing all over again. A degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) is no doubt a quite promising career that brings several job opportunities, such as editor, writer, director, blogger, and more. 

Study Law in a Foreign Country

This is one of the most popular undergrad courses to Study abroad after 12th. Law is considered a highly respected and valuable profession in several countries with high salaries. Being a lawyer means a lot in the community and they are responsible for maintaining the law and standard of protecting everyone’s rights. Taking a law degree from a foreign country also opens opportunities to work with international law companies or government agencies. 

It’s Time to Choose the Best Career

Indeed, it’s about your interest to choose the right course after the 12th. However, apart from the undergrad courses mentioned above, various other options are available when it comes to studying abroad. So, by keeping in mind your skills, strengths, and career aspirations, make the right decision. In addition, there are universities in the UK, Australia, UAE, and the UK that offer your desired study abroad programs. 

To take this life-changing experience of choosing undergrad courses after 12th, the first step is to get guidance from the best study abroad consultants like My Mentor. We are one of the prominent consultants assisting students in achieving their goal of study abroad.

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