Beyond Borders: Pursue Law Studies Abroad

Pursue Law Studies Abroad

Beyond Borders: Pursue Law Studies Abroad

People who value justice above all are most likely to study Law and make a career out of it. However, it has become so much more than a career path; it has become a social responsibility. As a student, if you have always enjoyed studying legal studies and found your interest in political sciences, then Law is your discipline. Many students prefer pursuing law studies abroad for a number of reasons, such as exposure, better facilities, global interaction, and a wide spectrum of knowledge.

Studying Law abroad can be exciting, but the process can be quite complicated for students. Hiring a counsellor for law studies abroad can help you chart out a plan of action.

Now, let’s get you acquainted with some information on law studies abroad:

Best Countries to Study Law Abroad

The first complicated question is where should you go for your studies abroad? Choosing a country is difficult, especially when you have such good options. But first, you must figure out your purpose for studying Law abroad. To build a high-earning law career, you must choose developed and English-speaking countries. The simple reason behind it is that it will open further doors for job opportunities. Here are the top countries to study Law abroad:

  • UK
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • USA
  • Australia

Speaking of law studies, this discipline is getting popular quite rapidly. Students typically chose management, engineering, and STEM courses for their abroad education. But now Law is also entering that group. It is because of the development of law study programs abroad. Universities are offering cutting-edge technology, ace teachers, a smooth application process, and great job opportunities to the students.

Popular Law Programs to Study Abroad

Here are some popular programs of Law offered in the top universities abroad:

  • Juris Doctorate (J.D)
  • LLB (Bachelor of Law)
  • LLM (Master of Law)

Law Specialisations Available in Law Programs Abroad

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Business law
  • Family law
  • Civil Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Media Law
  • Labor Law
  • Intellectual Property Law

Choose the Right University for Law Studies Abroad

Once you shortlist your preferred country and specialisation. You must find a suitable university that offers the specialisation you choose and provides the best law experience. Here are the top universities for aspiring law students:

  • The University of Portsmouth (UK)
  • University of West London (UK)
  • The University of Western Australia
  • Royal Roads University (Canada)
  • Harvard University, (USA)
  • The National University of Singapore.
  • Yale University, (USA)

Steps You Should Follow to Study Law Abroad after the 12th

Before aimlessly applying for colleges you know nothing about, you must prepare yourself with all the right information. The internet is filled with information you don’t need. Follow the tips below to stay on the right track:

  • Figure out your purpose in choosing Law as a discipline.
  • List the countries you would prefer to study in.
  • Choose a specialisation and find universities that offer the best education in your chosen specialisation.
  • Once you list out universities, you can apply through their online portals.
  • Remember that you will have to clear English Language Proficiency Tests like IELTS and TOEFL to prove your proficiency in the language.
  • Get a letter of recommendation.
  • Keep a statement of purpose handy while submitting documents.

Advantages of Studying Law Abroad

What is so good about law studies is that it makes you a responsible human being. You constantly fight for what is right. The cherry on top is choosing a top foreign university to pursue your law degree abroad. It has many advantages:

  • It will broaden your opportunities to build a career in Law.
  • As an international student, you will know about two legal systems: your country and the country where you are studying.
  • You will experience a different culture and get a chance to travel around.
  • You will develop an inclusive personality by studying different perspectives. This will make you humble, conscious, and righteous.
  • You’ll make a global connection while studying Law abroad.
  • You’ll get a chance to study in a top college with the best research opportunities and industry experience.

To simplify all these aspects of studying abroad, you can choose to hire an expert. The exciting journey of abroad education shouldn’t be a headache for anyone, right?

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