Best Consultancy To Study Designing Abroad

Best Consultancy To Study Designing Abroad​

Do you want to study Designing in Abroad? Then, you should go for My Mentor – The Best Consultancy To Study Designing Abroad​.

  • The process of ‘Designing’ refers to creating the visual, spatial, experiential environments in a specific context.
  • The creative process of ‘Designing’ involves a structured mechanism which involves research, ideation, iteration, prototyping and implementation.
  • The monumental antiquities produced by the creative process of ‘Designing’ are termed as ‘Designs’. It basically covers the objects, solutions, collaborations and practical concepts.
  • There are four prominent pillars of ‘Designing’: Navigation, Presentation, Content and Interaction.

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Overview of ‘Designing’

  • The word ‘Designing’ has stemmed from the Latin word ‘Designare’ which means contriving, plotting or creating.
  • The number of design artifacts has increased exponentially since the invention of the steam watt engine in the 18th century.
  • The objective of ‘Designing’ is to produce goods and services that improve the quality of life along with maintaining a healthy environment.
  • The elements of ‘Designing’ include inspiration, curiosity and necessity to improve quality of life through developing new and better things. 
Best Consultancy To Study Designing Abroad​
Best Consultancy To Study Designing Abroad​

Importance of ‘Designing’

  • Human life has progressed by leaps and bounds due to the awareness of design which in turn provides aesthetic pleasure and is all pervasive that impacts personal and professional spheres. 
  • The art and science of design can help businesses to reach their maximum potential. This can be done by following the principles that encompasses user experience, branding, and even SEO. It indeed harnesses effective advertisement strategies.
  • The experiment with the design infuses form and function that has helped the fashion industry to reach its pinnacle.
  • An immense white marble architect in Agra- The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, known for its marvelous designing.    

Specializations in ‘Designing’

The discipline of ‘Designing’  offers varied opportunities in different sectors. Some well known fields are mentioned below:-

  • Fashion and textile design It encompasses multiple processes of ‘designs’ like accessories, jewelry etc. The focus is on the structure and patterns of different fabrics.
  • Product DesignIt means to create a new product in order to sell it by means of business to customers. It has many diverse fields of application including medical devices, sports and leisures, furniture etc.
  • Interior designIt’s connected with the art of designing the interior decor of the room or building. It deals with layouts of home, office, guest house that make it aesthetically alluring and comfortable.
  • Graphic designIt combines words, images, videos, pictures for a popular form of visual design.
  • Transportation designIt’s a multidimensional discipline that covers areas such as automobile designs, car designs.
  • Animation designThis design focuses on moving images to create a special visual effect by using specific techniques and skills of animation.
  • Illustration design– This is a form of commercial art created for specific industries such as book design and illustration,television, cinema.

Why should we study ‘Designing’?

  • The study of ‘Designing’ resonates with the creation of new things that involve problem solving ability, planning and assessment skills.
  • It’s a multidisciplinary subject that offers a golden opportunity for people who are artistic and friendly to new techniques of the ‘Designing’ world. 
  • The concept of design is prevalent in every aspect of our life from the way we connect to the people to the way we design the layout of suburbs and communities.
  • The standard of life of people can be ameliorated with the help of design. If things turned out awry then it means the design of that specific product or tool is not satisfactory.
  • The fundamentals of ‘Designing’ provides invaluable insights into marketing, business and entrepreneurship.
Best Consultancy To Study Designing Abroad​

Why should we study ‘Designing’ abroad?


  • Studying ‘Designing’ abroad broadens the horizons of creative artistic work and makes one think out of the box due to diverse opportunities.
  • When it comes to Design there are limited chances to prosper and thrive in our home country, India, which heavily relies on a theoretical process of learning in contrast to the legacy of practical oriented learning of western world.
  • Many Western nations, especially the European countries have led by example on a rich history in design since time immemorial. Many diverse varieties of street art, museums, architecture, paintings, automotive industry and studios have evolved from these countries.
Best Consultancy To Study Designing Abroad​

Career Prospects in ‘Designing’ abroad

  • Graphic DesignerThis sort of profession deals with assembling images together or motion graphics in the graphics art industry to create masterpieces of design.
  • User Interface DesignerThey are responsible for adding all types of visual effects to a digital screen or interface.
  • Product Designer The main role of a product designer is to sort out problems that arise during product development.
  • Interior Designer– The main role of interior designer is to oversee the renovation and design of homes, hotels, restaurants etc.
  • Digital Designer– The main role of digital designer is to harness digital media solutions for websites, graphics and photography.
  • Illustrator DesignerThe sole objective of their work is to create hand drawing and painting with digital media to produce visually alluring illustrations.


 For UG Courses

  • Passed/Appearing Intermediate
  • IELTS Score may be required*
  • Portfolio

For PG Courses

  • Passed/ Appearing bachelor’s degree 
  • Portfolio

Documents Needed

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of English Proficiency like IELTS*
  • Documents that show academic performance 
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Letters of Recommendation (LoRs)
  • CV
  • Work Experience Letters, if any
  • Portfolio

Top universities to study ‘Designing’ abroad

Countries like The U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Singapore, Ireland and Australia offer degree courses in ‘Designing’.

U.S.A– Rhode Island School of Design(RISD), Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design.

U.K.– Royal College of Arts, The Glasgow School of Arts, University of the Arts London.

Canada– Emily Carr University of Art+Design, OCAD University, Concordia University.

Australia– RMIT University, Monash University, Australian National University.

IrelandNational College of Art and Design.

Singapore– National College of Art and Design, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University.

*The admission is strictly in accordance with the profile of the student.


Canada Universities in Canada offer stayback in accordance with the duration of the course.

UG Courses2 years, 3 years and 4 years courses for which 3 years stayback is offered.

PG Courses1 year courses for which 1 year stayback is required. 2 years courses for which 3 years stayback is offered.

U.K (United Kingdom)2 years stayback is offered for all the courses.

Australia2-6 years stayback is offered depending upon the city.

U.SFor both UG & PG, stayback of upto 2 years depending upon whether the course is STEM designated or not.

Course Intake

September majorly, with January being a minor intake. Australia offers a July intake as well.

Fee structure

There can be a variation in fee structure depending on the duration of the course/university ranking/scholarship granted/bursary awarded etc.


The annual tuition fee to pursue ‘Designing’ approximately costs about $20,000 to $60,000.


The estimated cost to study ‘Designing’ ranges from £11,000 to £38,000.


The bachelor courses in Canada are in the tuition fee range of CAD 17,000 to CAD 65,000.

The master level courses in Canada are in the tuition fee range of CAD 18,000 to CAD 70,000.


The average annual tuition fee to pursue ‘Designing’ falls in the tuition fee range of £12,000 to £30,000.


The estimated annual fee to pursue ‘Designing’ falls in the ambit of AUD 25,000 to AUD 45,000.   

September majorly, with January being a minor intake.

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