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Pre Departure Event for Students Planning to Study Abroad

 My Mentor, works in the fields of career counselling and international education. For those who are hoping to enrol in colleges throughout the world this year, the company, which has been successfully recruiting students for international destinations and universities, held a pre-departure event to help them grasp the Dos and Don’ts of studying abroad. The event took place at Hotel Lebua on Sunday, August 28, 2022, at 3 PM.


The purpose of today’s event was for the students to know the do’s and don’t’s when you are in a different setting abroad, to hear the experiences of the students currently studying abroad and preparing the roadmap for your journey accordingly, and and most of all, Networking amongst yourself to find out if there is someone who is going to the same country, city or university as that of yours.

Guests from various schools and colleges:

Apart from the company co-founders of My Mentor, Anoop Agarwal and Jaya Agarwal, the following guests from various schools and colleges were present:

  1. Dr. Nilanjan Mukherji, Director  – CCG&D, Training & Corporate Relations, Integral University,
  2. Sarita Jaiswal, Director, Scholar Home
  3. Priyanka Bharadwaj, Principal, Scholar Home
  4. Divya singh. Principal, Central academy
  5. Anoop Raj, Principal, Colvin Taluqdars
  6. Manju Lakhampal, Principal, DPS Shadeed Path
  7. Nava Motallebi, Career Counsellor, CMS Chowk
  8. Mrs. Gunika Alagh, Coordinator, CMS Station Road
  9. Nupur Chaturvedi, Coordinator, CMS Rajajipuram
  10. Asha Yadav, Coordinator, Central academy
  11. Rachna Bisen, Ex Faculty, Millennium School
  12. Dr DN Rai Coordinator, St Fidelis College
  13. Mr Rajeev Pandey Coordinator, Stella Maris College
  14. Mr Subash Mishra coordinator, Dr virendra swarup public school
  15. Mr. Sushil dwiwedi, Coordinator, Kendriya vidyalaya.

The Company also invited Four Former Students:

In order for them to respond to the questions that children and parents raised, the company also invited four former students:

1. Mr. Ashish Dwivedi, who recently earned his M.Phil. from Swansea University in the UK and is about to start a PhD programme at Southampton University.

2. Ms Saumya Singh Patel, who received a first-class honours degree in psychology from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in mental health with a focus on psychological therapies.

3. Mr. Kavyansh Gupta, who is enrolled in his third year of studies in business management at an Irish government university and who has been awarded a fantastic scholarship for the programme.

4. Mr. Naman Gupta, is currently enrolled in his second year of study at one of the top universities, Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, where he is studying computer science engineering. Naman, we are happy that you could join us today.



WhatsApp Image 2023-02-18 at 11.33.15 AM

Anoop Agarwal, the creator of the company, gave pupils a detailed explanation of the considerations they should make while studying abroad.
Thomas Cook India sponsored the event, and Mr. Mukul Agrawal from the company spoke to the audience to explain how the audience benefited from the company’s products and services, particularly in the area of foreign exchange.
A vote of appreciation from Mrs. Jaya Agarwal, co-founder of My Mentor, brought the ceremony to a close. The occasion was concluded with a high team arrangement.

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