Best Consultant to Study Fashion Abroad

Best Consultant to Study Fashion Abroad

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  • Fashion is defined as the way of putting on styles of clothing to depict a distinctive way of dressing that in turn impacts our social status.
  • The fashion industry has been proliferating from 1.5 trillion US Dollars in 2020 to 2.5 trillion Dollars in 2025.
  • Fashion depicts the culture of our country. This word has become a global trend recently.
  • The real meaning of fashion is carrying ourselves along in society, the way we are.

Fashion: Its Origin and Evolution

  • The term fashion has been derived from the Latin word “Facere” which means manufacturing, mixing and wearing of outfits embellished with specific cultural and aesthetic patterns.
  • It’s our attire that influences our thinking the way we look at someone.
  • Fashion appears in clothing, footwear, accessories and makeup etc.
Best Consultant to Study Fashion Abroad
Best Consultant to Study Fashion Abroad

Fashion Pyramids of brand

  • Haute Couture: it’s described as the art of making expensive clothes of excellent craftsmanship. 
  • It’s commonly used to describe custom fitted clothes made in Paris and other capitals such as London
  • Ready to wear fashion brand: this term is used to describe clothing that is pre manufactured to standard sizes and sold in finished condition.
  • Diffusion fashion brand: It’s more or less similar to Ready to Wear (RTW) fashion brand.
  • It has more retail availability and is known as the accessible luxury fashion segment.  
  • Bridge fashion brand: this brand of fashion targets the audience who are ready to pay a higher amount for a premium level of quality.
  • Mass market fashion brand: this segment is at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Aims at providing fashion at affordable prices to stay people on trend. Examples- Zara, H&M, Forever21 

Exploring Fashion Industry abroad

The innovative fashion industry is multi million dollar huge and global. Fashion plays a pivotal role in the smooth flow of a nation’s economy as impressions are reflected from the garments and accessories a person puts on their body.

Associated careers with the fashion industry abroad

In accordance with the four pillars(primary, secondary,retail and auxiliary) of the fashion industry, there are numerous career opportunities. Some of them are listed below :- 

  • Sales-related career Sales associates main objective is to help customers choose the right product, complete transactions, fulfill the requirement of merchandise and maintain hygiene in the store.
  • MerchandiserThe main role of merchandiser is to ensure availability of products in sufficient quantity in the right store, at the right time.
  • Public relations specialistTheir main role is to raise awareness and interest of customers so as to maintain a positive image of the brand and product.

Inventory Planner They start apparel development cycle based on demands of customers.They keep abreast of the seasonal requirements of customers and plan inventory accordingly.

Best Consultant to Study Fashion Abroad

Why should we study Fashion?

  • This field of study helps to unravel various aspects of the fashion industry which gives attention to the design of a wide range of garments and accessories. 
  • Those who are bewitched by alluring designs choose fashion as their career option.
  • Creating the finest outfits can be an agglomeration of items of best craftsmanship that can even be seen in your closet for years. 
  •  It provides enticing and varied career opportunities in the fashion industry enlisted below :
  • Fashion Designer: The main role of a fashion designer is to conceptualize the ideas for the creation of clothes.
  • Fashion Illustrator: The main role of a fashion illustrator is to create sketches of garments.
  • Stylist: They work in collaboration with photographers and art directors to style outfits.
  • Costume designer: The main role of costume designer is sketching, designing clothes and researching.
  • Garment Technologists: The work of Garment Technologists is to organize logistics of garments.
  • Textile Designer: They are responsible for creating 2D patterns for fabrics.
Best Consultant to Study Fashion Abroad

Benefits of studying fashion abroad

  • Studying fashion abroad unveils a more diverse range of design styles and accessories  heading to better job opportunities.
  • The richness of the fashion industry can be explored better with various tools,techniques and design aesthetics in the western world of technology. 

When it comes to fashion, western world offers diverse opportunities such as internships with top fashion houses, boon for career prospects.


For UG Courses

  • Passed/Appeared in Intermediate 
  • IELTS score may be compulsory*
  • Portfolio

        For PG Courses 

  • A bachelor’s degree is required
  • IELTS score may be compulsory*
  • Portfolio

Documents Needed

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Proof of English proficiency like the IELTS*
  3. Documents showing academic performance
  4. SOP
  5. Letters of Recommendation
  6. CV
  7. Work experience if any 
  8. Portfolio

Top most countries to study fashion abroad

*It’s inextricably linked with the student’s profile

Countries like Italy, U.S.A, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Singapore and Dubai offer various courses in fashion.

Top most universities of the world


Canada : Universities in Canada offer stayback in accordance with the number of years course.

UG Courses 

2 years, 3 years and 4 years courses for which 3 years stay back is required.

PG Courses

1 year courses for which 1 year stay back is required.

2 years courses for which 3 years stay back is required.

UK(United Kingdom)

2 year stay back is required for all the courses.


2-6 year stay back is required depending upon the city.


For both UG & PG 

Stem course upto 2 years stay back is required.

Stay back of upto 2 years depending upon whether the course is designated or not.


For UG and PG both

1 year course, 2 years stay back is required.


In Europe, upto 5 years stay back is required depending upon country and city.

Fee structure


The cost of studying fashion in the US varies from $20,000 to $50,000 per year.


On average the cost of studying psychology ranges from £23,610 to £33,890. The fee structure can vary in the number of duration of a particular course.


On average the estimated cost of studying fashion is approximately 11,850 CAD to 99,000 CAD per year.


The cost of studying fashion in Australia varies with the duration of a particular course.

Course Intake

September majorly, with January being a minor intake.

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