Why is My Mentor the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Lucknow?

Best Overseas Education Consultant in Lucknow

Why is My Mentor the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Lucknow?

Thinking about pursuing higher education abroad, but stuck somewhere? We understand how difficult it can be to find the best study abroad destination, choosing the most suitable course, arranging finances, documentations etc. Well, My Mentor, the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Lucknow, can be your rescue and resolve both! Let’s see how:

What is My Mentor All About?

My Mentor is the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Lucknow. It helps in Career Identification, Career Counselling, and Profile Building that is guiding and counselling students for a brighter future. Right from the first stage of choosing courses to the last stage of pre-departure preparations, they have it all covered for you. So, you name it, visa assistance, expert guidance, career counselling, financial assistance, test preparations, they’ll do it for you.

What Makes My Mentor the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Lucknow?

Among all the study abroad consultancies, My Mentor is the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Lucknow because you name the problem and they have the solution ready for you!

When you venture towards the tough roads of international education, you can come across many kinds of problems like visa application, choosing the right field, finding the right college or study abroad destination, finding best financial aid, preparation for entrance tests etc. My Mentor provides the best assistance and aid in all these problems.

How My Mentor Helps?

  • My Mentor helps in preparing for exams like SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS.
  • It also guides students to study abroad in places like Australia, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Dubai, Europe, United Kingdom, New Zealand.
  • It even provides home-to-hostel support to students.
  • My Mentor has many enthusiastic professionals who aim in simplifying admissions for undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, and fellowship programs in India and abroad.
  • My mentor believes in providing the right mentoring to the students.

What is the Vision of My Mentor?

The vision of My Mentor is to be a leading national conglomerate that can provide valuable insights and services to the student community looking to upgrade their academics in India and most importantly overseas.

Mission of the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Lucknow

The mission is to create an environment in which students are counseled in the best possible way according to their field of interest. Also, to address problems faced by students and their parents and being transparent with them. The mission is even to provide the know-how to students and parents about society and industry abroad.

Countries Served by Us

My Mentor (Best Overseas Education Consultant in Lucknow) has collaborations with the following countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Dubai
  • Germany
  • Hungary

Accommodation Associates are:

  • Casita
  • University Living
  • Insurance associates:
  • Allianz OSHC-Australia

My Mentor Currently has:

  • 500+ satisfied students
  • Hundred percent visa approval.
  • 25+ crore scholarships awarded to our students.

My Mentor assists students in the best set of universities as their profile and assists students from home to the hostel. It even provides comprehensive test preparatory services for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT. We believe in counselling students and parents for best possible varsities overseas.

Assistance Provided by Us

Help My Mentor provides its students and their parents:

  • Visa services:If one plans to study abroad or overseas then a student visa is a must, and getting it authorized which is added to a government passport that allows students to study abroad is a must thing.
  • Forex transfers: My Mentor has associated with ThomasCook India Ltd, Ebix Cash, India’s most promising forex firms for forex transfer.
  • Overseas accommodations: Students who go abroad for studying face a lot of difficulty in adjusting to that culture therefore my mentor helps students with accommodations abroad.
  • Education loans: Even help in education loans for students who want or wish to go abroad for higher education.
  • Scholarships: Many governments, institutions, and universities offer international scholarships to Indian students

So, give your study abroad dream a chance and make it real by choosing My Mentor!

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