Why Choose My Mentor for Best Career Counselling in Lucknow?

Career Counselling in Lucknow

Why Choose My Mentor for Best Career Counselling in Lucknow?

Are you looking for the Best Career Counselling in Lucknow? My Mentor (Best Study Abroad Consultancy in Lucknow) offers the Best Career Counselling in Lucknow. Career decisions are one of the most important decisions in our lives. Sometimes students make this decision based on insufficient knowledge, perhaps due to pressure from society. Such decisions can often direct them to undesirable careers, and thus lead to pressure and disappointment. Therefore, it is very important to make a mindful decision about your career.

Everyone needs career advice at some point in life; whether you are a college student unsure of choosing the right stream to Grade 11, a Grade 12 student looking to enter college, or a working professional looking to change careers. It provides you with insight and capabilities that will help you plan your future.

Confusion In Mind?

My Mentor has a possible Solution for choosing the Right Career Path.

My Mentor guides you through an interesting and ideal career assessment tool called the Psychometrics Test for choosing the best career that will lead you to a fruitful and happy future. Psychometric tests are standard, scientific methods of measuring a person’s mental abilities and behavioral styles. Psychometric tests are designed to measure a job seeker’s suitability based on required traits and skills. They identify how well a candidate’s personality and cognitive abilities match the abilities needed to perform the role in order to choose the right career path.

Use this assessment to:

• Identify and explore the most suitable careers and Occupations to get started in your career path in the right direction.
• Select course to study majors after 12 grade.
• Identify strengths and potential weaknesses for the career search process.
• Plan career goals and action steps.
• Assess natural inclination for further studies and future jobs.
• Define skills, Values, and personal characteristics.
• Target opportunities that match personality, aptitude, and interests.

Format of the Career Assessment Test

• Questions- 167
• Parts – Divided into 8 parts
• Type – Online(CBT)
• Result – 10 pages report, immediately after the exam.
• Duration- 70 minutes.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Giving A Psychometric Test

1. Answer the questions honestly, don’t try to impress.
2. The result should show a Genuine report.
3. No prior knowledge is required.
4. Strict Time Limits.
5. Multiple choice answers and computer adaptive test.
6. Based on this test top 3 career options are given to you.

Career Planning With My Mentor

The world is full of diverse career options such as business management, commerce, journalism, law, event management, engineering, information technology, and medicine, and many new courses are added with ample opportunities around the world. Choosing the right career among various options has now become a challenging process. A large number of students go on to choose a profession simply because their friends are doing the same thing or because their parents told them to. However, this may not be the right way to do it.

At My Mentor, We understand students’ problems and provide the right solutions to choose the right career path for them. To diagnose this problem, we conduct an aptitude test to know the students’ cognitive domains, behavioral approaches, strengths, and weaknesses.

What after the Test?

Free of cost one to one counseling session with the student and/or Parent for-

– Detailed analysis of the report.
– Career Stream Analysis.
– Discussion on Top Colleges for the stream in India and Overseas.
– Discussion on the Entry Process in these colleges.
– Mentorship program to Develop the Academic and Non- Academic profile of a student.
– Onboarding to the aspired college/university in India/Overseas.

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