Your Guide to Picking the Best Study Abroad Advisor

Study Abroad Advisor

Your Guide to Picking the Best Study Abroad Advisor

    Studying in another country is an amazing opportunity to learn about a new culture firsthand. But getting everything set up can feel super overwhelming when you have to choose programs, apply for funding, and make travel plans. That’s where a study abroad advisor can be your hero!

    They can guide you through the whole process, making it less stressful. But with so many advisors out there, how do you pick the best one for you? Don’t worry; this blog is going to break it down simply so you can find the perfect advisor.

    What Should a Study Abroad Advisor Do?

    First things first, you want an advisor who will be there from start to finish. A good advisor will:

    • Help you research study programs in different countries and cities. This means they know tons of options for locations, lengths of time, types of classes, and more.
    • Edit any essays or applications you need for programs and scholarships. Your advisor wants you to shine in your writing!
    • Give advice on finances like budgets, funding sources, and costs of living in other places. They can even help look over your numbers.
    • Answer all your questions about travelling overseas, housing, documents, and cultural differences. You won’t be alone figuring it out.
    • Support you after you leave, too, with any issues that come up while you’re studying abroad. They’ve got your back the whole way!

    How Can You Tell They’re Experienced?

    The best advisors will have helped lots of other students before you. Ask them how long they’ve been advising and how many students they’ve helped get set up abroad each year.

    Advisors with more experience have seen it all before, so they know the ins and outs of different programs and approval processes. They’re also super knowledgeable about locations all over the globe.

    What Do Other Students Say?

    Reviews are key to finding a great advisor. Look up any advisor online or ask your school for recommendations from past students. You want ones that consistently get praised for:

    • Being super responsive to emails/texts and easy to reach
    • Taking the time to understand each student’s unique interests and needs truly
    • Making the experience fun and not just focused on checking boxes

    With the right research, you’ll find an advisor who will make planning your study abroad adventure a total breeze. Just focus on getting excited – the rest is in great hands!

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