Understanding BBA Admission Tests: SAT, ACT, and Beyond

BBA Abroad Admission Tests

Understanding BBA Admission Tests: SAT, ACT, and Beyond

Choosing a course for your graduation can be both daunting and exciting. You can take that one decision based on which you will set your career in later years. BBA is a popular degree for students. BBA, as a three-year course, allows students to choose specialisations like marketing, Finance, IT, and human resources. These industries are ever-growing and provide great job prospects as well.

How Does One Get Admission to an Abroad BBA College?

After getting done with Class 12, the student must prepare for BBA Admission Tests like SAT, ACT, SET, IPMAT, CUET, IPM Aptitude Test, NMIMS NPAT, etc. Any abroad-based degree will also require you to clear English Language Proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE scores to secure admission.

  • SAT- This exam critically analyses your reading, writing and mathematical skills. The score from this exam is recognised around the globe. So, if you pass the SAT, you can study for your BBA abroad.
  • ACT- This is another exam that is required to get BBA admission. It stands for Americal College Testing and analyses your reading, writing, math and science proficiency.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, PTE- Along with your SAT and ACT, you will also have to pass English language proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE to prove that you can easily communicate with people abroad.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for BBA Abroad?

  • Maximum colleges consider your aggregate score of 10+2 board exams.
  • The scores you got in your BBA Admission Tests.
  • Your grades in the English language proficiency tests.

What is the Scope of BBA Abroad?

Pursuing BBA abroad will open a number of opportunities for you:

Banks and Investment Firms

If you choose Finance as your specialisation in BBA. It will open up doors for retail banking, investment banking, corporate banking, credit analysis, loan processing, financial risk assessment, relationship management, service representatives etc.

MNCs and Startups

After completing your BBA abroad, you can choose to make your career as a human resource coordinator, marketing expert, or operations executive. It all depends on the specialisation you choose during your course. Many MNCs and startups keep looking for fresh pass-outs from various BBA colleges abroad. So, there will be a river of opportunities for you.

Start Your Own Business

If you are not a job person and just want to gain some knowledge before starting your own business. BBA abroad is your degree. It builds a strong business sense and gives you all the essential skills like finance management, marketing, operations handling, funding, corporate legalities that are necessary for business.

Become a Consultant

Become an independent consultant and work with different organisations to help them improve business processes. As a consultant, you will recommend different ways for business owners to help their organisations grow. You will also build strategies and research about market dynamics.

Further Studies

Pursuing any graduate degree with the intention of building an academic base for further studies is a great idea. BBA Abroad will give you the perfect base for an MBA. You can even continue your higher studies in the same foreign country and college. It will be the perfect decision for your career also because an MBA will open up good job opportunities.

BBA degree is a perfect stepping stone to enter the world of banks, business, consulting etc. Gain all the knowledge you can through your studies, exposure to a foreign lifestyle, global networks and make a shining career out of it.

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