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What is a GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a computer-based test that is required for admission to most graduate institutions in the United States and Canada, as well as a few others. Educational Testing Services owns and manages this test.

According to ETS, the GRE is designed to assess verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills acquired over time. The GRE includes sections on mathematics, geometry, arithmetic, and language.

Unlike other exams for studying abroad, the GRE permits students to skip questions and return to prior ones. This is beneficial to the students' psychological well-being since it allows them to relax while taking the test. Furthermore, if any disparities arise, they can simply go back and correct them.

Numerous top-ranked colleges throughout the world accept GRE scores.
The GRE is a commonly accepted test for engineering and management courses.

Writing and Language:

You have 35 minutes to answer 44 questions.
This component of the test assesses your grammar skills as well as your ability to converse in standard and written English.

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MY MENTOR provides you with a student-centred curriculum that is tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses. Our course aims to meet the needs of students and prepares them for this standardized test.

Best SAT Coaching in Lucknow
Best SAT Coaching in Lucknow

GRE General Test Pattern

My Mentor is a team of energetic professionals who have worked hard to help several
 students achieve their desired percentile by providing  individual classes and comprehensive series to score a percentile that is acceptable by many Top Universities.

The GRE general test takes around three hours and 45 minutes to complete. There are six sections in total, with a 10-minute break after the third.

SAT Score

The SAT is graded on a scale of 1600 points; Each question of all the sections carries the 1 mark with no negative marking, a respectable score is considered to be 1250 or more, however, this depends on the university.

Candidates can apply for this exam online, and there are no limits on how many times they can take it.

The results of the SAT exam are valid for five years. The procedure of obtaining the scores can take anywhere from 17 to 22 days.

Best SAT Coaching in Lucknow
Best SAT Coaching in Lucknow

Start Your SAT Preparations With My Mentor

During our SAT preparation, we make sure to delve into students' thinking abilities to solve issues and communicate effectively, while also considering your core classroom skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as how well you apply that information.

The exam evaluates all of the above-mentioned characteristics. Every year, almost two million students take the SAT at thousands of testing centres.

The new edition of the SAT has no negative marking.
One of the most distinguishing elements of SAT tutoring at My Mentor is a significant emphasis on laying a solid foundation and combining it with intensive practice.

What is the SAT?

The SAT( Scholastic Assessment Test) is a widely accepted college admissions test given by the College Board that allows high school students to demonstrate their knowledge of and ability to apply that knowledge to colleges.

The SAT is a requirement for students who want to enrol in undergraduate programmes at leading universities throughout the world. The SAT is given five times a year by the College Board. Most students who want to study in the United States begin SAT preparation a year before their senior year of high school.

Study Abroad Test Preparation in Lucknow
Best SAT Coaching in Lucknow

The college board, which administers the SAT, has not established any requirements for those who wish to take the test.

For applicants who want to register for the SAT exam, there is no minimum or maximum age limit specified by the organising agency.

To apply for undergraduate study, individuals must have completed high school. The United States of America (USA), Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand are among the countries that accept SAT scores and results in large numbers.

The SAT syllabus is divided into three sections: reading, writing, and mathematics. The college boards offer an optional essay writing element. The test lasts 3 hours and has 154 questions, with a total score of 1600.

Highlights of My
Mentor's SAT preparation

  • SAT coaching is essential for all students desiring to pass the test on their first attempt.
  • My Mentor is a team of SAT experts who will help you achieve a score of 1500 or above on your first try. We ensure that you are prepared for every topic during the entire process.
  • Online/Offline classes are available with flexible classroom hours. 
  • Classes are held regularly from Monday to Saturday for two hours each.
  • 120 hours of comprehensive and rigorous lessons.
  •  One-on-one session with experienced professionals on a personal level. We give students a secure and interactive space to learn and thrive. These highly customized sessions can be conveniently scheduled and taken anywhere.
  • Training approach that places a heavy emphasis on developing math basics, directing students with a strategy to different question types, assisting students in developing reasoning skills, and providing ample practice.
Best SAT Coaching in Lucknow
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