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    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow

    Graduate Management Admission Test(GMAT)

    The GMAT is the first-ever structured exam intended particularly for graduate business and management programme enrollment. It establishes the benchmarks for shaping the next generation in today's graduate management programmes, and it is widely accepted by business schools.

    Taking the GMAT exam gives you access to top-tier B- schools in the United States, Canada, Singapore, and several other countries, including India. It is a computer-based test that evaluates the candidate's information gathered over his educational years.

    The following question is chosen based on the candidate's response to a previous question. Students cannot go back to a previously answered question on the GMAT exam, which is another distinguishing aspect. As a result, when taking the examination, students must be particularly focused.

    Are you looking for the Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

    My Mentor is the Best Coaching for GMAT Exam Preparation in Lucknow. Our GMAT tutoring services help students prepare for all four portions of the exam. Analysis of Argument, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning are among these sections.

    The GMAC controls and organizes the GMAT exam, which is the first and only standardised test intended particularly for management studies.

    It is responsible for supervising and administering the GMAT exam all around the world. Your results are used by B-schools to compare you to other applicants. High GMAT scores can help you stand out from the crowd during the application process.

    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow

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    One of the Best Coachings in Lucknow, our professional faculty trains students in such a way that they can pass their exams in one sitting.

    Most of the students find it difficult to answer all questions in the allotted time of 3 hours and 30 minutes, which is one of the primary reasons why students score less or lose their marks.

    My Mentor's expert trainers work hard on each student individually, assisting them with intensive and comprehensive preparations that make significant contributions on exam day.

    The test is graded on a scale of 800, and as the finest coaching for GMAT preparation in Lucknow, we make sure that each student reaches their maximum capabilities to achieve a respectable score of 600+.

    The GMAT scorecard is valid for 5 years, and you can take the test up to 5 times in 12 months, but only once every 16 days.

    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow
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    GMAT Test Format

    Analytical Writing Assessment(Essay)

    • Analysis of an Argument one question to be addressed in 30 minutes for analysis of an argument.
    • The Analytical Writing Assessment component of the test assesses your knowledge and understanding and writing about complicated concepts.

    Integrated Reasoning:

    • Students can take an optional break after answering 12 questions in 30 minutes.
    • This component will evaluate a candidate's ability to analyse data. There will be four broad categories of questions:
      1. Graph Analysis.
      2. Table Analysis.
      3. Two-way Analysis.
      4. Multi source Analysis.
    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow
    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow

    The Quantitative Section-

    • Students can take an optional Break after answering 31 questions in 62 minutes.
    • This section of the GMAT test assesses your ability to reason complex problems, solve quantitative problems, and understand graphs. The following types of questions can be found in this section:
      1. Problem Solving.
      2. Data Sufficiency.


    • In 65 minutes, you must answer 36 questions verbally.

    • This section of the test assesses your ability to read and comprehend written information, analyse arguments, and rewrite written material to ensure that it adheres to standard written English.
      The following types of questions can be found in this section:
      1. Reading Comprehension
      2. Critical Reasoning.
      3. Correction of Sentences.

      The test is 3 hours and 30 minutes long in total.

    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow
    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow

    Computer Adaptive Test

    Quantitative and verbal reasoning are both important. The GMAT's reasoning parts are computer-adaptive, which means the test's complexity adjusts to your aptitude level in real-time. This option enables the exam to analyse your capabilities with greater accuracy and provide scores that business schools can trust.

    GMAT Scoring

    • The Good Score on the GMAT exam is 600+/800.
    • Essays are graded in 0.5 increments on a scale of 0-6.
    • On a scale of 1 to 8, with 1 point increments, the Integrated Reasoning part is graded.
    • On a scale of 0-60, with 1 point increments, the quantitative part is graded.
      On a scale of 0-60, with 1 point increments, the verbal part is graded.
    • The sum of the scaled scores from the quantitative and verbal portions is used to generate a score on a scale of 200 to 800 in 10 points increments.
    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow
    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow

    Highlights Of My Mentor's GMAT preparation

    • GMAT coaching is essential for all students desiring to pass the test on their first attempt.
    • My Mentor is a team of experts who will help you to achieve a score of 600 or above on your first attempt. We ensure that you are prepared for every topic during the entire process.
    • Online/Offline classes are available with flexible classroom hours.
      • Classes are held regularly from Monday to Saturday for two hours each.
    • 120 hours of Comprehensive and Rigorous lessons.
    • One-on-one session with experienced professionals on a personal level. We give students a secure and interactive space to learn and thrive. These highly customized sessions can be conveniently scheduled and taken anywhere.
    • Training approach that places a heavy emphasis on developing math basics, directing students with a strategy to different question types, assisting students in developing reasoning skills, and providing ample practice.

    My Mentor's strategy for the Quantitative & Verbal section-

    My Mentor is the Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow. We encourage our students to practice one type of question at a time for them to build solid reasoning and an appropriate approach, which will improve their knowledge and confidence.

    Immediately after the end of individual  activities, our trainers hold a lengthy discussion in which they attempt to comprehend the logic and method used by students. Our coaches also assist a student who is not following the correct methods.

    Best GMAT Coaching in Lucknow
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