Top Destinations for Study Abroad: Why Indian Students Love Europe

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Top Destinations for Study Abroad: Why Indian Students Love Europe

In the search for higher education, the global aspect brings many opportunities. And for every Indian Student, Europe is a one-stop destination. The study abroad destinations, mainly Europe, is also a gateway to the best educational choices spread over 33 countries. Each nation has its own benefits, education system, and academic experience.

In fact, it has been estimated that there are close to 5,000 higher education institutions within the EHEA(European Higher Education Area ), bringing vast academic possibilities for students. For Indian students, choosing to study abrazos is more than education – it’s a complete cultural immersion. So, if you are deciding to choose Europe as your study destination for higher education, this comprehensive guide is for you.

We will delve into discussing different European study abroad destinations for Indian students and understand their academic strengths and opportunities. Read out to learn!

European Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students

World-Class Education in Germany

Hyped for its magnificent museums, street art, and standard of living, Germany is one of the renowned destinations with world-class education. For students looking to study here, remember you can have a good time at the historic Christmas market in Braunschweig, enjoy time with friends, and visit the exotic castle. Furthermore, there are public universities in Germany that offer low-cost undergraduate and postgraduate programs to international students and citizens. 

Popular Universities and Average Tuition Fees

International Hochschule Campus Studies
University of Europe for Applied Sciences
Berlin School of Business and Innovation
New European College
Average Tuition Fees: £10,000 to £20,000

Vast Range of Courses in France

France is considered to be one of the best countries in Europe to study in, as it offers a vast range of courses and a better academic experience. The universities here are popularly known for their research-based studies, which mainly focus on qualitative analyses rather than a quantitative approach. In addition to this, life in France is quite adventurous. You can visit the Eiffel Tower and experience the rice culture. One weekend, you can enjoy croissants and shop in high street fashion with your friends. 

Popular Universities and Average Tuition Fees

HEC Paris
University of Paris
Sorbonne University
Average Tuition Fees: 170 EUR per year for undergraduate programs
Average Tuition Fees: 260 EUR per year for postgraduate programs

Budget Living in Spain

Known for its world-famous football teams, Spain is also one of the best countries for Indian students to study. Every year, Spain welcomes a huge number of students who wish to pursue higher education in the best universities. In addition, students can budget their living expenses while studying in Spain because tuition at Spanish universities is less expensive than in the US and the UK. In addition to housing some of the most prestigious business schools, Spain’s most sought-after courses are in journalism, hospitality, and social sciences.

Popular Universities

Pompeu Fabra University
Autonomous University of Barcelona
University of Barcelona

High Quality Education in Italy

Italy holds the 10th rank amongst the European countries for having the best universities offering high-quality education. Some of the most preferred courses by international students are Arts, world history, architecture, and many more. In fact, the country is also known for their rich cultural heritage, vibrant lifestyle, and extraordinary cuisine. Plus, the tuition fees in universities are affordable, making it an attractive choice for students. You will also get the benefit of scholarship and funding opportunities that ease the financial burden.

Popular Universities

University of Pavia
University of Siena
Politecnico di Torino

United Kingdom: One-Stop Study Abroad Destination

For international students, the UK is regarded as the greatest country in Europe and a one-stop study abroad destination. There are prestigious universities in the nation with tuition costs less than those in the US. To experience more adventurous activities, such as jumping from castles in Wales or searching for the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, one may also think of relocating to the nation. One of the greatest places in Europe to study is London, which provides excellent educational options. You may reserve tickets for the London Eye on the weekends and take in the skyline perspective of London.

Popular Universities

King’s College London
Cambridge University
Oxford University
University College London

Major Benefits of Study in Europe for Indian Students

Better Career Growth: After completing your study in Europe, you will have better career opportunities. MNCs from all over the world are hiring talents, with candidates having degrees from the finest colleges and those who possess the skills and abilities to work.

Global Perspective: Studying in Europe offers a well-informed perspective with a broader understanding of various things, including people and culture. This helps you to be open-minded and imaginative about different things.

Building Lifelong Connections: This is another advantage of studying in Europe. It brings lifelong opportunities and friends from diverse backgrounds. While studying, you will meet with people from different cultures, which will help you build an understanding of multiple languages. 

Research Opportunities: Studying Europe is crucial for Indian students as they often look for research opportunities. Having a degree from a prestigious university boosts research prospects. For example, there are companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft where you can get the best job in research.

Now, you must understand why Europe is a hub for Indian students who want to pursue their career dreams. So, if you’re looking to study in Europe, we recommend that you consult with a professional consultant. This will help you fulfil your dream of studying in Europe at the best university.

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