Expert Advice from Career Counselling Consultants

Expert Advice from Career Counselling Consultants

Expert Advice from Career Counselling Consultants

You can easily find a college abroad and study any course you want simply by paying money, but the question is, will it fetch you a well-paying job? Highly doubtful! According to statistics, around 30 to 35% of Indian students studying abroad end up returning because they can’t get employed. Career counselling consultants bring some sense of comfort in this scenario.

As an aspiring international student from India, one must go for the top colleges that provide the best career support in STEM courses. It will secure their chances of getting a good job.

Career counselling consultants at My Mentor will provide the best career guidance to students aiming to pursue abroad studies. Let’s get into it deeper:

Why do You Need Career Counselling Consultants?

There is a dire need of expert guidance to students when it comes to abroad studies. Students feel helpless while doing their research because colleges focus on attracting international students in the name of filling their seats. But they fail to provide them career support. Students get trapped in this manipulative marketing and either they leave their dreams or end up taking bad decisions.

Career counselling consultants help students in filtering out the top study abroad colleges in the best destinations. They consider students’ interests and recommend the most suitable and promising career path to them.

The Benefits of Consulting with Career Counselling Consultants

They Offer Personalized Guidance

Every student wants to study their chosen course and get a job in the same field but they lack the right research and knowledge. Career counselling consultants help students with the right research and guidance. They take a lot of time in understanding your academic background, career goals and preferences to find the best study abroad opportunities for you.

In-depth Knowledge of Global Education Systems

Study abroad consultants have an in-depth knowledge of all the education systems abroad. They have a clear picture of the admission requirements, process, differences in the curriculums and education standards. Their expertise can only help you choose the right college.

Streamlined Application Process

The application process of abroad universities can be complicated. If you miss one step, there is a chance you’ll miss the window of opportunity. Career counselling consultants simplify this process by taking care of all the complicated steps for you. They increase your chances of acceptance by taking care of the application process for you.

Access to Exclusive Resources

Studying abroad is not just about researching the right college and getting admission. It also helps if you have the right resources and contacts in the field. Study abroad consultants have a really strong network in the field. Their strong contacts and resources help them find exclusive informations on scholarships and internship opportunities.

Ongoing Support and Mentorship

Career counselling consultants don’t stop supporting you the moment you get admission. They will provide you support and mentorship even after you start your education abroad. You can utilise their guidance in understanding the foreign culture, academic challenges, accommodation, planning further studies etc.

How Career Counselling Consultants Aid in Abroad Studies?

Choose a good career counselling consultant and get their assistance in the following aspects:

Identifying Suitable Programs and Universities

Consultants use their information and find colleges that offer best education in your preferred courses. Their knowledge about different universities and colleges will help you choose the right place to study.

Navigating Admission Requirements

Different colleges and countries have different education requirements. As a student you don’t have enough information on these differences. Counsellers are well versed with these requirements and ensure you fulfil each criteria.

Securing Financial Aid and Scholarships

Counsellers will help you find the best way to finance your abroad studies. They assist you in choosing the most suitable financial aid; scholarships, grants, loans etc.

Preparing for Cultural Adjustment

They prepare you well to adjust in the different culture of the country you are going to study in. Simplifying the whole transition to a different country isa major part of counsellors job.

Choosing to study abroad in your favourite country and in the top college is an exciting dream. Make your dream come true by taking help from the best career counselling consultants. Their personalised guidance for your study abroad goals will make your journey successful. Make full use of their expertise in the field and pursue your dream to study abroad in the best college abroad. All the above mentioned benefits will be yours once you take help from a study abroad counsellor. So, don’t let your dream go waste, make it a reality!

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